5-5 Science Vocab

  • biome - one of Earth's large ecosystems, with its climate, soul, plants and animals
  • taiga - a cool, forest biome of conifers in the upper Northern Hemisphere
  • tundra - a cold, treeless biome of the far north, marked by spongy topsoil
  • desert - a sandy or rocky biome, with little precipitation and little plant life
  • deciduous forest - a forest biome with many kinds of trees that lose their leaves each autumn
  • tropical rain forest - a hot, humid biome near the equator, with much rainfall and a wide variety of life
  • freshwater ecosystems - most lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds
  • saltwater ecosystems - have tides, an upper region with many fish and whales, and a dark bottom

  • minerals - the desert biome is rich in minerals
  • permafrost - a layer of permanently frozen soil found in the tundra 
  • leaves - deciduous forests' leaves turn colors and fall to the ground each autumn
  • grasslands - a biome in America that hosts many animals including prairie dogs and snakes
  • plants - tropical rain forests have the greatest diversity of plants