August 17, 2011 Week's Assignments

posted Jul 16, 2011, 11:38 AM by Paul Schwan   [ updated Aug 18, 2011, 2:51 AM ]
CW = classwork • HW = homework • WB = workbook 
WW = Wordly Wise • SP = Spelling • FF = Friday Folder
Mon = Monday, Tue = Tuesday, Wed = Wednesday, Thu = Thursday, Fri = Friday
Due = 8 am on the day/date indicated

Grace Period
Homework is due the day after it's assigned unless noted otherwise. With the exception of Wordly Wise WB pages, outlines in science which we go over together on the due date (and for which we provide the correct answers so they can be used as study guides), or any other assignments we go through together on the due date, I will accept work 24 hours after it's due with no penalty. After the 24 hour period ends (at 8 am the schoolday after it's due) I will not accept the late work and it will be marked NIY (not in yet) and receive a score of 60% if a grade is recorded.

Assignments Calendar
Saint Michael Church and School keeps an online calendar. Most teachers use this calendar for assignments. Mr. Ziegler and the office staff use the SMLS heading for school functions. Use this link to get to the master Calendar.

This Week's Assignments
  • Bible: begin notetaking for Genesis Unit (CW Thu, Fri)
  • Memory
    • use memory tips shared to learn this week's memory verse (the 2011-2012 theme verse, Psalm 145:7); due Fri when we will have our first memory test (not counted, since we had a short week). 
NOTE: memory tests are written word-for-word, counted one point per word and an additional point for the Bible reference (example: Ps. 145:7 has 11 words, plus the reference Ps. 145:7, for a total of 12 points).
Language Arts
  • Writing
    • write a letter to yourself (CW Wed)
    • prewriting "Shades of Summer" (CW Wed) and create First Draft (HW Due Thur) 
    • we will type our final draft on our Netbook on Thursday after revising and proofreading (CW)
    • read aloud and podcast "Shades of Summer" (CW Fri)
  • Grammar
  • Reading
    • begin daily AR reading and begin logging with provided Log Sheet (CW and HW, minimum of 60 minutes a day)
  • Spelling
  • Wordly Wise
  • Computer
    • Netbook orientation and set-up (CW Wed & Thu)
    • Download and Install a provided list of programs to Netbook (HW, Due Fri)
  • Organization/Study Skills
    • take a trip to lunchroom; take notes (CW Wed)
    • write down this week's assignments in your Assignment Planner (CW Wed, Thu)
    • decorate your FF (a manila folder) and return to school (Due Thu)
    • bring paint set to school for Art class (see supply list); turn in (Due Thu)
    • finish organizing binder using suggestions given (HW Due Fri) 
    • finish covering all hardcover books (HW Due Fri)
    • finish organizing desk (HW Due Fri)
    • finish organizing and filling "tool box" (HW Due Fri) - plastic bin kept on shelf in classroom
    • finish organizing your home work area (HW Due Fri) - on your honor; parents, please check on this!