December 5, 2011 Week's Assignments

posted Dec 5, 2011, 2:57 AM by Paul Schwan   [ updated Dec 9, 2011, 8:32 AM ]
This Week's Assignments
  • BibleUnit 4 TEST postponed to Tuesday, Dec. 6
  • MemoryIsaiah 9:6 TEST on Friday, Dec. 9
  • Science: Outline 12.2 due Wednesday, Dec. 7; 12.2 TEST on Thursday, Dec. 15
Language Arts
  • Writing: Island Story (class time devoted to adding music to podcast this week)
    • Podcast .mp3 file due after Computer class Monday, December 12 (shared folder, filename: 00paul-island)
    • Music included as intro and/or outtro
    • Pick ONE WW story (WW 1-11); revise & proofread it; publish it by Friday afternoon (Dec. 9)
    • Pub WW story into shared folder (filename: 00paul-ww published)
  • Grammar: (classwork, finish as HW) - WB 45, 46, 47, 48
  • Reading
    • Keep reading and LOGGING your AR books
  • Spelling: WB 46-47 (W); TEST 45 Thursday, Dec. 8
  • Wordly Wise: WW 12 AB + 5 Word Story (W); TEST WW 12 on Friday, Dec. 9
  • Computer
    • Monday: choose & insert music into your Island Story podcast
    • Due Monday, December 12: mp3 file of your podcast, including music (see Writing, above)
  • Organization/Study Skills
    • write down this week's assignments in your Assignment Planner 
    • read your email. Several important messages and files are there!
  • Weekly Three for upcoming week, Dec. 12-16
    • SPelling: WB 50-51 (Wed); TEST 49 on Thursday, Dec. 15
    • WW: 13 AB + Story (Wed); TEST WW 13 on Friday, Dec. 16
    • Memory: Ps 139:13-14; TEST Friday, Dec. 16

CW = classwork • HW = homework • WB = workbook 
WW = Wordly Wise • SP = Spelling • FF = Friday Folder
Mon = Monday, Tue = Tuesday, Wed = Wednesday, Thu = Thursday, Fri = Friday
Due = 8 am on the day/date indicated

Grace Period and Exceptions
Homework is due the day after it's assigned unless noted otherwise. With the exception of Wordly Wise WB pages, outlines in science which we go over together on the due date (and for which we provide the correct answers so they can be used as study guides), or any other assignments we go through together on the due date, I will accept work 24 hours after it's due with no penalty. After the 24 hour period ends (at 8 am the schoolday after it's due) I will not accept the late work and it will be marked NIY (not in yet) and receive a score of 60% if a grade is recorded.

Assignments Calendar
Saint Michael Church and School keeps an online calendar. Most teachers use this calendar for assignments. Mr. Ziegler and the office staff use the SMLS heading for school functions. Use this link to get to the master Calendar.