Back In the Day News Stories To Write About

posted Apr 27, 2013, 10:31 AM by Paul Schwan   [ updated Apr 27, 2013, 11:07 AM ]
Your 30 notecards for BITD should include almost half (12-13) from the News category. 
  • 3-4 most important news stories covered in-depth 
    • not a dozen "Headlines" with no details
  • Dig deep, gather facts, tell stories with plenty of details
Use your parent as a resource:

"Mom (or Dad), it says on the Vanderbilt TV News Archive that the Vietnam War was going on when you graduated. Is this an important news event from back in the day?"

Your parent can help you decide which 3-4 news stories to focus on. They lived back in the day, so ask they to help you pick the most important stories.

Here's an example from the June 16, 1972 CBS Evening News as listed in the Vanderbilt TV News Archive. I'll show you which stories I would pick, since I lived back in the day, too:

Vietnam War / World Powers
    • President Nixon wants US out of Vietnam
    • USSR and China accept the fact that the US may withdraw
Hijack / Pilots Strike
    • Airline Pilots Association plans a strike against hijacking
    • they believe more needs to be done to prevent it
    • Some pilots and pilot groups do not want to strike, believe it will not help
United Nations Environmental Conference
    • Declaration adopted at Stockholm, Sweden conference to fight against pollution
    • China objects to nuclear arms testing ban, wants stronger action
    • Conference report goes to UN (United Nations)
Wallace Surgery
    • Alabama governor George Wallace
    • remove bullet from spinal area
Campaign 1972 / McGovern
    • McGovern testifies before Congressional committee regarding a cut in defense budget
    • denies rumors about his WW II service, says he was not reprimanded
Campaign 1972 / Muskie
    • Senator Edmund Muskie visits California seeking funds
    • new and old contributors
    • Muskie aides say supporters want to stop McGovern, so support Muskie
Campaign 1972 / Humphrey
    • Senator Hubert Humphrey campaign says McGovern will not get Democratic nomination
    • they talk about challenging California's winner-take-all procedure
Campaign 1972 / Illinois Delegate Challenge
    • Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley challenges Democratic National Convention regarding his leadership of the Illinois delegation
    • Yippies cancel demonstration against Democratic convention; plan to do it at Republican convention
ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation / SEC
    • SEC criticizes ITT for failure to disclose the sale of a subsidiary company
    • SEC tries to prevent ITT and 2 officials from further violations
Food Prices
DES Hormone / Cancer
Sirhan Sentence
Irvings Sentenced
United Mine Workers
Stock Market Report
USSR / Liquor
Vann Death