Back In the Day Research Outline

posted Mar 5, 2012, 12:26 PM by Paul Schwan
This is what you should focus on as you do your research. If it's not on this Outline, then you're probably searching off topic. Stay ON topic!

Current Events from parent’s graduation year
  • News
    • National Events (near parent's graduation)
    • International Events (near parent's graduation)
  • Entertainment
    • Movies
      • Oscar winner (from that year)
      • Teen favorite (from that year)
    • Music
      • Number one song (near parent's graduation)
      • Popular music (music trends, musicians, bands, hit songs from that year)
    • Trends
      • Teen appearance (clothing, name brands, hairstyles, etc.)
      • Expressions
      • Cars
  • Pick another area you would like to research
    • sports
    • weather
    • politics
    • TV shows, etc.