Setting Up A Netbook

posted Aug 10, 2013, 12:20 PM by Paul Schwan   [ updated Aug 10, 2013, 12:57 PM ]
When I set up a new netbook I go through several steps. I begin by powering up the device and putting in my personal information. I also put my name and contact information on my netbook and any accessories like the charger.

Screenshots (COMING SOON)

Next, I download and install software. Here are some videos to demonstrate the process. This is the order I follow with a new netbook:
(I did this first because I needed it to record the other videos)

Students may use this screencast software later in the year. You do not need to install Screencast-o-matic when you first set up your netbook.
(I like to do this first so I can use Chrome to download all the other software.)
Not needed for Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 8. Flash is built-in to these browsers.
(only for Asus netbooks)

Run this update whenever it pops up on your Asus computer screen.

Setting Up Dropbox
(Includes How to Make An Account and How To Install Dropbox)
(without downloading the software)

This is a special case where you need to set up a Dropbox account and you have not received an invitation to do so. I stopped short of downloading the software because it was already installed on my netbook. MOST OF MY STUDENTS WILL NOT USE THIS APPROACH BECAUSE THEY RECEIVE AN INVITATION FROM ONE OF THEIR TEACHERS.