Extra Credit

A message for parents and students:

My philosophy includes opportunities to earn extra credit. Students want extra learning opportunities, and they appreciate earning extra credit for doing extra work

For example, we study Moses and the Exodus in Bible. I've had students in the past who've shown an interest in doing additional research on Moses. Students who take the time to complete my extra credit proposal form can earn extra credit. 

Students may want to raise their score in a particular subject. I believe in giving them the opportunity to extend their learning and, in the process, raise their score. I make extra "no risk". This means I will not count it in their quarterly average if it hurts their grade

My only requirement is that students complete my simple Extra Credit Proposal form and turn it in prior to beginning the extra credit work. Once I approve their proposal the student may begin the work. The extra credit "counts" in the quarter when it's turned in when completed by that quarter's due date (published on the assignment calendar).