AR Point Fridays: Reaching Our Reading Goals

posted Mar 27, 2014, 4:05 PM by Paul Schwan   [ updated Apr 8, 2014, 10:44 AM ]
Now that Quarter 4 is beginning we want to set some goals and finish the year with a bang! In AR (Accelerated Reader) this means weekly progress checks. We want everyone in our class to meet their AR goal and to earn a full 100% on AR Reading for the final quarter. To do that, we broke down the remaining weeks of school that are available for meeting this objective, and we came up with the following weekly goals:

  • Each Friday we'll check the Reading Log to make sure there are 5 entries (one per day, Monday through Friday). Approximately 1.4 points will be credited toward the 10 points for the quarterly Reading Log. 
  • In addition, we'll check to make sure each student has read slightly over one-half book each week. This amount is negotiable when a student is reading a longer-than-usual book. Then, we'll look at pages read as compared to the average book length from the weeks prior. The idea is to move toward our 4-books-per-quarter minimum, the standard for 100% in AR Reading. 
  • Finally, we'll keep track of progress toward the 85% minimum average AR test score, and make sure students are reading and taking AR tests early in the quarter so everyone can reach their 85% minimum goal. Students must take at least 2 AR tests each quarter, and most take many more than that. With this weekly progress check we should all make our goals and end the year with a bang!
A Success Story
I've watched one student who hardly read anything in the beginning of the year but who started to read in Q2. Slowly and steadily, he picked up speed and fluency as the quarters went along. By now, he's a fluent reader, growing by the week as he "reads to learn". It just goes to show that practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to reading!

Note: I've left this student's name out of the article to protect his privacy. He knows who he is: we gave him public praise in class today!