Science 5-4 Vocab

Lesson Vocabulary:
  • limiting factor — something that controls the growth of a population
  • adaptation — characteristics (inherited traits) that help an organism survive in its environment
  • symbiosis — a relationship in nature between two kinds of organisms that lasts a long time
  • mutualism — when the relationship between two kinds of organisms benefits both of them
  • parasitism — a relationship in which one kind of organism lives on, or in, another kind of organism and may harm that organism
  • commensalism — a relationship in which one organism benefits from another without harming or helping it
Cloze Test Vocab
  • pollinates — a yucca moth pollinates the yucca flower, where provides a place for the yucca moth eggs (see below; an example of mutualism)
  • harm — a relationship that causes harm to one organism by another organism living on, or in, the other one is called parasitism
  • sea anemones — some tropical fish live in the tentacles of sea anemones, which provides safety for the fish
  • hosts — this is what a parasite feeds on
  • fleas — these live on dogs and cats as parasites
  • eggs — see "pollinates" above (this is an example of mutualism)
Class Notes

Use these class slides to review for the 5-4 Test: