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Living Things and Their Environment, 4-1

posted Mar 26, 2014, 2:45 AM by Paul Schwan   [ updated Mar 30, 2014, 2:36 PM ]

  • ecosystem
  • ecology
  • abiotic factors
  • biotic factors
  • organisms
  • population
  • community
  • habitat
  • niche
Cloze test vocab
  • minerals 
  • water
  • dioxide
  • energy
  • food

  • ecosystem - all the living and nonliving things in an area that interact with each other
  • ecology - the study of how living things and their environment interact
  • abiotic factors - nonliving parts of an ecosystem
  • biotic factors - living parts of an ecosystem
  • organisms - living things
  • population - all the organisms of one species that live in an area at the same time
  • community - all the populations living in an area
  • habitat - the area in which an organism lives
  • niche - the role of an organism in its community
Cloze test vocab:
  • minerals - living things need these; examples: iron and calcium
  • water - all living things require this
  • dioxide - algae and plants need carbon dioxide
  • energy - animals require oxygen to produce energy for their bodies
  • food - algae and plants must have sunlight to make food

Watch this video and see if you can answer the questions asked in it. The questions and their answers are shown below the video. Quiz yourself before clicking on the answers.

Questions (and answers) from the video:
  • What happened to the worms when the parking lot was poured? What choices do they have? (answer here)
  • What will happen to the birds? Where will they get food, now that the worm population is all gone? (answer here)
  • What are the abiotic factors in the scene with the parking lot and grocery store?    (answer here)
  • What are the abiotic and biotic factors in the scene with the field before the grocery store was built? (answer here)
  • What was lost when the parking lot and store were built? What was gained?         (answer here)