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I collect helpful external website links you may find useful as a student in my class. If you have any to share, please share! Use the Visitor Feedback form on the left.

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English-Language Arts Guide to Grammar & Punctuation Site discusses common grammar and punctuation errors and how to fix them. Thanks to reader Sarah Del Rosario for submitting this site. 
Homework Help Lee County Library Go here if you can't find what you're looking for on our school website. You can get a FREE library card through the Lee County Library system. 
Homework Help Cool Math for Kids Practice your math with this fun website. 
Homework Help Paper Starter (Essay-writing help) Almost everyone will have to write at least one essay at some point in their lives. A well-executed essay can get you into college, help you gain funding or approval for important projects, or inspire your readers. The links on this page will lead you to great resources that can help you navigate the different types of essays through guidelines, tips, and examples. This is another resource shared with us by one of our readers. This one came from Beverly Schiff, a faculty advisor for the teen chapter of the Midwest Writing Club. She has used our resources and then shared this one with us. Thanks, Bev!  
Homework Help Story Starters Whenever you need or want to write a story, use this list of story starters to get going. 
Homework Help Log In to your school MAIL  
Homework Help AR Book Finder You can look books up on this website, to see if they are AR or not. 
Homework Help Edline Check your grades online. You will need a login and password, available from the SMLS office. 
Homework Help My Delicious Site Here you will find my growing collection of websites that will help you in your classwork, homework, and hopefully more. 
Homework Help Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online dictionary. Use for any vocabulary projects or whenever you need to look up the definition of a word. 
Homework Help Homework help - subscription service 
Homework Help Destiny (Library Search) Search books in our library. Search websites that have been approved by educators for student use. Reserve a book. All of this and more is available here. 
Homework Help Summer Reading Lists Here you can find a fifth or sixth grade summer reading list. 
Homework Help Spelling Online spelling tests with our word lists. 
Homework Help Resources for Everyday Math This resource came to us from Susan Bowden and her Fifth Grade students. They've been using our "Useful Links" page all year (2011-2012) and wanted to share something with us, too! Thanks! 
Homework Help Live homework help - subscription service 
Homework Help SMLS Library Reference Page A list of external websites that fit the "reference" category. 
Homework Help 12 Academic Search Engines Blog entry featuring 12 academic search engines. Some are for college level, yet some may be useful for fifth grade research projects. 
Homework Help Writing Prompts and Journal Topics Use these prompts to begin a writing project. Occasionally, we will specifically assign writing projects using this site. 
Homework Help Online dictionary and thesaurus. 
Homework Help Renaissance Place Ren Place is where you can sign in to take AR tests, STAR tests (reading and math), and to check your AR point values. 
More Great Web Sites for Kids Cyberbullying - Not Just Name Calling Great website for kids and parents to explain why bullying is bad, what to do about it, and especially when it happens online. 
More Great Web Sites for Kids Saint Michael School Fight Song Watch and listen, learn our school song. 
More Great Web Sites for Kids Peter's Online Typing Lessons Use to learn or review your touch typing skills. 
More Great Web Sites for Kids Overnight Adventure - Space Camp Our annual fifth grade trip to Kennedy Space Center to learn about the history and current activities of the space program. 
More Great Web Sites for Kids This Day in History Fun website. Features things that happened on "this day" sometime in history. 
More Great Web Sites for Kids Discovery Streaming Our school belongs to Discovery Streaming and has available a vast library of videos, podcasts, and other audio-visual resources. Here, your can log in to our class' catalog of videos and find the assignments that are given with audio and video resources included. 
More Great Web Sites for Kids Online Stopwatch Time yourself when doing math, other homework, or anything that requires a set time period. 
More Great Web Sites for Kids Free Book Notes This is another resource shared with us by one of our readers. This one came from Beverly Schiff, a faculty advisor for the teen chapter of the Midwest Writing Club. She has used our resources and then shared this one with us. Thanks, Bev! 
Parent Resources 1-2-3 Magic on YouTube Small excerpts from the DVDs that are available to accompany the 1-2-3 Magic book recommended elsewhere on this "Links" page. Teacher recommended! 
Parent Resources Live Streaming Our school chapels and Sunday worship services are streamed live each week. Use this as a shortcut to these live video feeds. You can also watch events that have passed, as they are archived for later viewing. 
Parent Resources Saints Alive Newsletter Weekly SMLS news. Read to stay informed about your child's school activities. 
Parent Resources 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 Great book for parents, grandparents, and teachers. I use this book as the basis for my simple discipline plan in the classroom. 
Parent Resources Mr. Ziegler's email. Click on the link to email Mr. Ziegler. 
Parent Resources Parent Volunteer Background Screening Info Parents must have a background check on file, good for 3 years, before working with SMLS children for extended classroom time, projects, field trips, etc. This link provides information on this process. 
Parent Resources Mrs. Rhinehart's email Click on this link to email Mrs. Rhinehart. 
Parent Resources 1-2-3 Magic Newsletter Archives Companion to the 1-2-3 Magic book (link elsewhere on this site). Short, monthly articles to help you be successful at parenting and to help you raise happy, healthy kids. Teacher recommended! 
Parent Resources Bible Gateway Website for looking up our memory verses or other Bible study helps. USE NIV version of the Bible for memory verses. 
Parent Resources Saint Michael Lutheran Church Our church website. Listen to past sermons, watch church or gym activities online, and more. 
Parent Resources SMLS Student Handbook Use for any school policy questions. 
Parent Resources Saint Michael Lutheran School Our school website. 
Parent Resources SMLS Lunch Menu Plan ahead with this lunch menus for St. Michael's food service. 
Parent Resources St. Michael Online Calendar (5s) Link to TODAY'S online assignment calendar via the St. Michael Church and School Online Calendar. This calendar simply points back to the "Homework and Classwork" calendar we're currently using. However, you will find other schoolwide events and activities that may not appear on the "Class Calendar" listed on the left-hand side of this page. 
Parent Resources Financial Literacy for Kids Thank you to Zoey Russell and her college intern, Trisha, for sending us this link! They have used our "useful links" page with their elementary-age students where Zoey tutors children, and then shared this one with us! Zoey and Trisha work with children at a community center in California. Here's the website description: Financial literacy, or knowing how to spend and save money, is an important part of learning how to be a responsible adult. The sooner that you learn how to create a budget and save money, the more money you may have to spend on things that you want or items that you will need in the future. Printable worksheets and interactive tools can set you on the right path to budgeting, while making smart consumer choices and being practical with your money can help you save. Below, you will find information and advice on how to budget and save, no matter how old you are. Games are even included to make learning about money fun! 
Podcasts Podcast Music Podcast Music that's safe to use. This music has been licensed for use in podcasts. 
Podcasts Our Podcast Page This is where we'll post the podcasts we create during the school year. You can subscribe to them via RSS if you like. 
School Supplies Webster's Dictionary/Thesaurus Purchase your dictionary online at via this link. 
School Supplies Spanish/English Dictionary Purchase your Spanish-English dictionary online at 
School Supplies Netbook Software to Download, Install Use this list to help you get your netbook ready for school.  
Web-based student tools Image Search - Resource Page Find images that you can use freely. These are licensed by Creative Commons or are in the public domain, so they're OK to use as long as you cite the source. 
Web-based student tools Web-based Short Video Creation Tool 7 resources for creating short videos, up to maybe 2 minutes long, using pictures and audio. 
Web-based student tools Sofa Adventures in Reading This site offers book ideas for kids, tweens and teens! A nice reference to help kids and parents find appropriate book options for each age group. 
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